2015 AMA Amateur Championship Spring Classic Information

Please visit http://millcreek.escoremx.com/ for live and event results!

Racer Profile


Racer Profile
ProCircuit, Team Green kawasaki, Monster Energy, Thor, Bell, Sidi, Dunlop, Globe Shoes, Twin Air, Unit, RolcomInc
Individual Events
 Event Finish Summary 
2014 Spring Classic - 2/27/2014 - Millcreek
 Class   Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish     
 250 C Limited   #917  KAW     2nd   2nd   2nd     
 250 C Mod   #917  KAW     2nd   2nd   1st     
 450 C Limited   #917  KAW     1st   2nd   2nd     
 450 C Mod   #917  KAW     1st   1st   1st     
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